Sweet As Whole

Got super duper caught up with college and stuffs that I have abandoned this blog :( even though I updated my lookbook a lot lately... haha
It has been a hell of a holiday. The longest holiday of my educational life. I broke up with my boyfriend (silly me), got to be a maid of honor at a wedding, and went to lots of places with my dearest friends. Aaaaaaand my holiday is about to end, as college starts Monday. Bummer... But I can't wait what I'll gain from this 3rd semester.

So behind this photoshoot, there's always a song. I'm currently listening to Once Upon Another Time, an album from Sara Bareilles and I'm loving her 'Sweet As Whole' song. Nobody sings the words "fuck", "asshole", and "bitch" more beautiful than her! A piece of her lyrics:
That guy's an asshole
That girl's a bitch
Baby it's natural
No gettin' away from it
So sing it out with me
And then let it go
Fuck that guy he's just an asshole

And I won't let him in
Under my skin
You're a sad sack of shit
That's pathetic
Just a festering sore
Who will never be more than that
If I don't let it

My aegyo! Haha :p

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