Happy Retirement, Hayao Miyazaki :(

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He's retiring, people :( HIKS.

Earlier this week I saw a friend of mine tweeting about him, saying "I thought the end of Hayao Miyazaki was that he'd die above his table, finishing a storyboard for his next movie." HE'S RETIRING!!!! I'M GOING TO SAY THIS AGAIN, HE-IS-RE-TI-RING.
I googled and from all the news, the conclusion is that he is retiring for real. A quote:

"I know I've said I would retire many times in the past. Many of you must think, 'Once again.' But this time I am quite serious," he said.
"This will never happen again."

The first and only movie that I watched from his list of movies was 'Spirited Away', won an Oscar for Best Animated Movie. My late dad bought the DVD and I wasn't quite sold from the first but my dad insisted that we watch the movie so the whole family watched. I was blown away. I was sad when Chihiro's parents suddenly became pigs and so Chihiro had to work for the witch to free her parents from this pig spell. Met a cute white dragon boy that previously saved her life from drowning in the river years before, a ghost that made a riot and spits gold to repay Chihiro's kindness for letting him in the witch's castle, and the big baby that turned into a big fat rat. All those fantasies and moral message inside that movie really made my childhood. My Japanese version of Disney. As my dad died I didn't get to see other Hayao Miyazaki movies, because he was the movie-goer of this family, though I watched the first five minutes of Ponyo. The other movie that I saw from Studio Ghibli was A Grave of Fireflies, and it made me CRY. Come on, a teenage brother and baby sister trying to survive as orphans from the World War II Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing? And died? Moral and tragic.

One of my favorite scenes from Spirited Away (source: tumblr.com)
I'm really saddened to hear that he had to retire, but I wish him a good life ahead, as he made most of the 90's kids childhood that we can do anything if we believe. Happy retirement!

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