Since 2012, Chanel has been giving out videos of Inside CHANEL, telling stories about Coco Chanel's iconic products such as Chanel no. 5 and the tweed jacket, Marilyn Monroe and the no. 5, until the latest chapter talked about the history of Coco Chanel herself.

The first chapter was out 11 months ago, about 'the first times' of Chanel no. 5. The ingredients of the fragrance, the icons, and how Coco Chanel came up with the name Chanel no. 5, because it was the fifth fragrance that the perfumer presented to her that she liked the most. It's still the best-selling fragrance until today.

The second chapter followed a month later after the first one. This video talked about Marilyn Monroe and Chanel no. 5. At the peak of her Hollywood career, she told the world that she only wore a few drops of Chanel no. 5 to bed and had been photographed wearing the perfume.

"If I had chosen the diamond, it's because it represents, in it's density, the greatest value in the smallest volume."
That quote was the opening to the third chapter, Chanel and The Diamond. The story of how Coco Chanel brings diamonds to the world of jewelry. She said, "I want jewels that slip between the fingers of a women like a ribbon. ... I wanted to shower women with constellations."

Chapter 4 came out on March 2013, and this one talked about the Chanel jacket. Back then women wore big and long dresses, corsets, and big flowery feathered hats. Coco Chanel wanted women to be able to move freely and be themselves. So she made the jacket, made of tweed. Masculine yet feminine. The jacket was paired with a knee-length skirt, giving women a freedom of movement. This video quoted Karl Lagerfeld saying that the only items that will never go out of style are jeans, white shirt, and the Chanel jacket.

The latest, chapter 5, was posted last Friday. This video is my favorite so far. It's about the history of Coco Chanel, from her childhood to meeting the love of her life, and the things that inspired her to make a revolution of fashion. She spent her childhood days in an orphanage and going to church, that would soon inspire her for the love of jewels, baroque, religious garments, and black & white. She earned the nickname Coco from a soldier who used to watch her sing, and she liked to sing "Who Has Seen Coco" in a cabaret. She had a love, an English gentleman named Boy Capel, who helped Chanel opened her first boutique and loved her for her uniqueness in fashion. But sadly he died in a car accident and Coco Chanel was more determined to work, since the business wouldn't be so big if it weren't for Boy Capel. Aaaand to be continued!

*Update, September 21st*

Chapter 6 of Inside CHANEL, Coco, life after she lost Boy Capel. She became Mademoseille Chanel and worked and worked and worked. She wanted to dress women in black, and became her success. That was the time Little Black Dress was born, the must-haves for the fashion lovers then and now.

Chapter 7 came out September 19th, about how she became a legend. She went on a getaway to Swiss then came back and reopened her couture house at the age of 70, because men designers gave women corsets and long skirts again. Her first comeback collection wasn't well received in France, but the U.S. gave notice of her work and became a hit, even in Hollywood. The Chanel jacket was worn from Bardot to Liz Taylor. Also from her timeless creations like the chained leather bag and the beige-black heels. That was how she became a legend again. She died Sunday, her holiday and her least favorite day.


Coco Chanel has always been an inspiration of mine, other than any designers in the world, because she is simply and remarkably amazing. She had brought simplicity to the world, free women from corsets and big hats, and encouraged women to be unique and amazing. Those are my interpretation of Coco Chanel.

I always knew that the Chanel brand was something (like d'oh), but I became more amazed when I watched her biopic movie, Coco Chanel, starring Shirley MacLaine. I did watched Coco Avant Chanel played by the beautiful Audrey Tatou but it was too dark for me. The Shirley MacLaine version, I thought, brought so many emotions in me. The romance between Chanel and Capel, how Chanel just cut the fabric and made a dress so simple and so revolutionary, 'til the little black dress. I was in awe. That was the moment when I thought that Coco Chanel was awesome. Then and now.

Chanel (Shirley MacLaine) wearing the jacket and getting an applause in her trunk show, inside the Chanel house. (source:

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