Mom's Birthday Cake: Red Velvet Poke Cake

Mom's birthday was on August 14th. So my sister and I decided that we are going to make a cake. Then I stumbled on a Red Velvet Poke Cake Recipe, from Brown Eyed Baker. I have always been a fan of her baking goods. I've made oreo cheesecake cookies and nutella hazelnut cookies from her blog. And this is by far the most easy red velvet recipe I've ever stumbled in my life, and I have never heard of a poke cake until 3 weeks ago. So we have decided: Red Velvet Poke Cake.

I bought the ingredients on the 12th, then made the cake on the 13th. My sister was no help at all, because she had to go to campus and stuffs. So I was all alone baking. I had too much flour on the bowl so I made quite the mess when I had to stir, red food coloring everywhere. I even made a sponge from  yellow to red when I cleaned up my mess.

Additionals. Made too much ;_;

Bring on the condensed milk!
Then I got to the cream cheese frosting, and I made too much! AND TOO SWEET!!! Dang it... I had made the wrong measures. But oh well...

In the sea of cream cheese frosting
After I put them in the fridge,  I waited for my mom and my sister to come home. I texted my sister to alert me when they were close to home so I could hide the cake. SUDDENLY THEY WERE ALREADY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. I immediately grabbed the cake and hurried upstairs to my room and put the cake there, then hurried downstairs to open the gate. After a little chit chat, my sister and I excused ourselves to go to bed. But we were actually waiting for the clock to strike 12 so we could surprise her with the cake.

Waiting... All alone...

My sister had to be awake for the surprise
And then the moment arrived. It was 00.00 and the 14th of August. I woke my sister up and then we grabbed the cake and went downstairs as my mom was still awake watching TV. We sang happy birthday and ta-daaaaa.

Well, happy birthday mom!
Credit of the recipe goes to Brown Eyed Baker! Check her recipe by clicking here.

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