February 21st, 2014

This is what I get from having a day-off on Friday. I get to go to BALI!!!

It has really been a while since I’ve been to Bali. I was like in the 5th grade or something last time I went there. This trip is kind of a holiday-mix-business trip. I don’t usually want to troll around my Mom’s work but this event she’s organizing is super great I feel like I just can’t miss this one! I’ll tell you what it is on my next blog post ;)

Before I get to the fun stuffs, I gotta tell you the poop part. My mom and I went to the airport a bit late from home, which resulted getting stuck in traffic almost everywhere. I gotta tell you, the flight was to take off at 8.10 AM (GMT +7hrs). We arrived at 7.56 AM. And I gotta tell you this too, my mom and I were not on the same flight because we didn’t get to have two tickets together so I had to go first while my mom caught up on the afternoon flight. After I got my boarding pass, I ran. Literally. Seriously. Ran. And I gotta tell you, I wasn’t in shape to run so quickly. But I did. I ran all the way from the counter, the gate, until I climbed the stairs to my plane. The only time I stopped was when I had to pay the airport tax and security check. I arrived at the plane 8.09 AM, and the plane immediately prepared to take off as I sat down. I was supposed to sit beside my mom’s coworker, but some d-bag sat on a seat and blablabla (it’s too hard to tell) I was really exhausted to argue so I just asked for another empty seat. What I haven’t told you is that I hadn’t had breakfast or enough water to drink. So there I was, sitting between two guy strangers, with a stomachache and a headache. When I went to the stewardess at the back of the plane to buy a bottle of water and biscuits and walked back to my seat I was seeing fireflies and got blurry vision. When I sat, I took a plastic bag and you can guess what happened. After I get to drink and ate a few biscuits I took a quick nap and I was relieved to feel better.

It’s always good to see what’s outside the airplane window. I don’t always get close with the clouds above. I kept looking through the window, took photos of the beautiful sky and the green land beneath it. I had to ask the person sitting next to me to take photos for me too.

Hehe managed to get a selfie after I woke up

Credits to the man sitting next to the window. Somewhere above East Java.
I arrived at 11 AM (GMT +8hrs). The weather was hot, and the sun was out. The coworkers and I went to the hotel first, and we’re staying at the beautiful Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Kuta region. I got lucky that I get to have a room near a private beach! We had lunch just beside the hotel, at Segara Asian Grill. It’s a really great place near the sea, and it has a pool too. There were a lot of western tourists swimming in the pool, though. AND we got this really funny money doodle on our money change after paying for lunch. It’s a local joke, though.

Pool side view from Segara Asian Grill

Yeah sort of an LOL souvenir
Looking for blessings on the street
When I got back to the hotel, an old friend from high school contacted me to meet up. Her name is Tannya, but back at high school we all used to call her Bojum haha. She’s studying there so she’s practically a local here in Bali. So I thought to myself ‘why not?’ haha so I let her steal me for the day. Since we were going to go by motorcycle, first we had to get an extra helmet so we went to Kuta Beachwalk to borrow a helmet from her friend who works there. I was amazed with the concept of the mall, it’s very open and it has lots and lots of plants and the roof is like hut-style. Bojum told me that the government made a rule that buildings must make their roof out of hays, hut-style AND fill the buildings with flowery plants. I think it’s a cool rule.

Kuta Beach
The view from Beachwalk

Before we got to Uluwatu, we made a quick stop at Legian’s ground zero, and visited the Bom Bali memorial. People still go there and place their piece of blessings next to the names of the deceased victim of the bombing. I saw a wooden placate written ‘Happy Birthday Joey’. It was sad to see but I hope the deceased are okay up there.

We then made a stop at Padang-Padang Beach. It’s a real tourist attraction. A lot of tourist went there, and it was like 4 PM. I guess they were waiting for sunset to come. There were a lot of rocks and reefs, which makes the place beautiful. And I’ve never seen a sea so blue and so clear. I saw some pretty unique people there too. There was this foreigner playing a gong making this beautiful melody, then there was this couple taking their pre-wedding photos above the cliff, and an Asian tourist that photo-bombed my photo hahaha.


Our last stop was El Kabron Beach Club, a Spanish restaurant. The food was too fancy for me, we both had beef and shrimp skewers and it was pretty delicious. This place is famous for the sunset view. And it was beautiful! I didn’t took much photos of it, because my phone’s battery was dying. But I guess it was one of those moments that you just have to keep inside, capture the moment with your eyes and heart.

Blue and yellow separation

Here she is :D

Although we had to take the taxi all the way from Uluwatu to Kuta (the motorcycle had to be fixed huhu) it was a really roller coaster day for me, a fun roller coaster. So thank you Bojum for the trip! Look out for my next journey on Bali on the next post J

PS: Bojum likes to take people and be their tour guide for the day. If you ever want to look for a tour guide in Bali, just search her facebook: Tannya Heryanti.

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