BALIDAY 2 (22/2/2014)

It’s a solo journey today!

My mom had to take care all sorts of stuffs for the event tomorrow and Bojum didn’t reply my chats today (maybe she was busy taking care of the motorcycle). So I kinda had the day all to myself. I intended to buy some gifts to bring back home, and my friends were like “I WANT PIE SUSU PLEASE YOU MUST BUY IT!!! GUE NGIDAM BANGET WOY” I mean it’s a great snack but I’m not that crazy about it… but whatever haha. Though last night Bojum told me the nearest place that sells Pie Susu would be on Sunset Road. So my destination was Sunset Road.

As I walked down Kartika Road, I noticed I wasn’t treated like a local. People thought I was a real tourist from outside the country haha so they were really really eager to make me rent their car or motorcycle (I can’t drive both…) and one person kept speaking to me in English though I already told her I’m Indonesian. Can you really be flattered and annoyed at the same time?

Since it was raining, I took shelter at Bali Wake Art Market, a souvenir shop filled with all sorts of stuffs like body scrubs, Bali coffees, wooden handcrafts, sandals, apparels, to accessories. I bought some bracelets and dream catchers for my closest friends, and some Bali shorts for my sister. Since it was still raining, I thought it’d be fun if I tried this ‘Doctor Fish’ therapy. You pay to put your foot inside this tank and the special fishes will go all over your foot eating your dead cells and all those dirtiness which can result better blood circulation and softer skin. And I actually paid for it. As I put both of my feet inside, the fishes instantly went all over my feet and I could not help but to laugh because it felt ticklish. But after a few minutes I felt fine, and the fishes felt like those massage tool that vibrates your foot. Then an old Asian couple (Japanese, I think) came and became interested so the wife joined me (like d’oh I make everything interesting haha). When she put her foot all the fishes ran to her foot and left my foot with only 7 fishes or so L I had to put my foot close with her so I could still get some fishes. 10 minutes went fast although I think I wouldn’t have my foot in one piece if I took the 20 minutes therapy.

(note: as I was writing this blog, I kinda thought that the old lady looked like Yoko Ono haha so there was this two generations of Yoko Ono in one fish tank)


Senior Yoko Ono

After the rain stopped I went again and near Kuta Sidewalk I stopped for lunch at Flapjaks: House of Pancakes and Homemade Gelatos. Hey, when you think of beaches and hot places you just gotta think of ice-cream/gelato. I ordered this chocolate pancake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and I chose Ferero Rocher gelato to top it off. Very delish!

Drooling just by looking at it! Ferero Rocher Gelato with Chocolate pancakes, whipped cream, chocolate chips and sauce.

This part of the story may make you think “lah kurang kerjaan banget lau” because after my stop at Flapjaks I really did walk from Kuta to Sunset Road, and it wasn’t a short walk. But you know I did have all the time to myself so I thought why not. I passed Kuta Sidewalk, the market on Kuta road, then took a shortcut road to the intersection between Bypass Ngurah Rai and Sunset Road.

I wasn’t even halfway along the road then that was the time I thought “man, this store is waaaay far up ahead.” But then this building that said ‘Bali Shell Museum’ kinda caught my eye.

I went in there and I noticed that the first floor of this building was the souvenir shop, with all kinds of things made from sea shells. After I paid for the entry ticket (Rp75.000,- to be exact, for adults. Kids pay Rp50.000,-) and I was led upstairs to the second floor, then the third floor. I got a tour guide for the museum, and now as I write this I regret not to ask for his name :( because he was nice. Oh, I gotta tell you, I was the only visitor haha so it was kinda like a private tour of the museum. I had studied pure science for two years of high school but there are a lot of things I didn’t know about shells. Do you know that shells can grow? Do you? Or am I the only who just knew that? I mean, they effin’ grow. I think that’s a cool fact. They also have shells and sea fossils that have existed since like hundreds of million years ago.

Shell fossils, like from hundred million years ago

Raw Indonesian amethyst

I always love shells. Ever since the trips to Sea World and Ancol Art Market. They’re beautiful, colorful, and they have unique shapes. And in the Museum they display all types of shells, and my favorite was the abnormal ones, because they have one in a kind shapes, they were all different to one another, but they all still looked beautiful.

Abnormal shells

Man-crafted sea shells

Oh also they preserve some sea animals too. I saw some actual sharks preserved and displayed there, and some bones too. I was amazed by the display of the blue whale’s jaws. I’m only like one-third of the height of it :’( Now I know why Geppetto, Pinocchio, and the whole crew of Digimon can fit into a body of a whale.

Actual sharks, preserved.

LONG JAWS (blue whale jaws)

Damn jaws

The guy at the Shell Museum said I was already near the souvenir market so I continued walking until I saw the nearest one, Kosayu. I was aiming for Krisna but what the hell I really wanted to get over with the whole Pie Susu. I didn’t know there was so many Pie Susu brands… But I heard the delicious ones are Pie Susu Special so I bought a couple of boxes for me and my sister, and what I bought for my friends was Pie Susu Menik. I took the taxi back to the Hotel, and it only took 15-20 minutes to get back :’)

That’s kinda it for Baliday 2. There’s not much in Baliday 3 but it’s a very happy memory! So stay tuned J
BONUS: when I get back, I WILL EAT HERE – Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Still get the chance to catch the sunset at the hotel's private beach

In Terminator's words: "I'LL BE BACK"

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