Food Trucks in Jakarta

Today, I went to fX Lifestyle X'nter with mommy for there was this some kind of culinary festival and one of the main attractions is 'Food Truck in The Park'. I guess food truck is trending, because there aren't that many food trucks in the city, only like food stands or joints if anyone would want a to-go food/drink. They're pretty cool actually, sell lots of different food but somehow mostly Mexican food. There were Jakarta Food Truck, Retro Gourmet, Food Stop, Taco Truck, Loco Mama, Tabanco Coffee, and in the food stands were my friend's Onigiri Futago and the one that sold Hungarian chimney cake.

This is the Retro Gourmet, with the cutest pink food truck ever! They sold cakes and sweets but too bad I didn't get a chance to taste. But they kept showing top 40 music videos from Katy Perry to Icona Pop

This is the Tobanco Coffee, in the Volkswagen van. They sold coffee but I think their green tea's the best seller. Their cafe latte is one of the best that I've ever had.

My choice of food goes to Jakarta Food Truck. There was a loooooong line of hungry people wanting to eat. They have various choice of food, mainly western. Their special is the Sloppy Joe, but I ordered the Schnitzel Roll, which is a burger with chicken served with fries. I asked them to add cheese sauce, which was DA BOMB. It was very delicious, I must say. The price was also reasonable. If you're in the South Jakarta area then you must try them, for they're available at Setiabudi on weekdays and Kemang on weekends.

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