The Ways of a Simple Black Dress

How could a simple, humble black dress be reinvented?

(I kinda quote that one from my final exam, where I had to reinvent black coffee product, but that's not really the point in this.)

I wore this b.Y.S.i dress for prom, minus the belt and the Adorable Project boots. I would've rocked prom if I had them sooner. I had pink accessories, the one I wore for my graduation. It's not much, but I didn't have much to spend for prom either. Kinda regret that moment, my friends were stunning in glittery and sequined dresses. But as my friends would say, I'm kinda anti-mainstream (yes, I'm avoiding the word hipster).

Belts and boots are just some other way to wear the dress. The belt gives me shape to my little curves (yes, for a petite girl I'm quite curvy). I tend to wear a t-shirt over my LBD to campus. When it works, it works. Although I wouldn't wear this dress to go to campus, but I hope you guys get the idea. This Andy Warhol t-shirt is custom made, from @casualteesID (check their Instagram!).

This blazer is a bit pop-art-ish, one of my mom's vintage blazers. It does gives a touch of pop colors to the black dress that I don't need much accessories (the rubber band on my wrist stays forever, for hot weathers). I also got the John Lennon sunglasses from mom, when she visited American Apparel while she was at the states. We're planning to change the lenses to make real glasses that I could actually wear everyday. Kinda like my late dad's glasses, he really liked round frames. 

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