Denim: Your Must-Have Fashion Item

Denim, or jeans, is a mere revolution. From the little town in France, denim was a fabric for low income field workers. In America, denim or jeans was a common wardrobe for mine workers. It’s kinda amazing how jeans are now a casual wardrobe for people from all level of income. You can make anything with denim; just name it: pants, shirts, vests, jackets, dresses, fabric for shoes, dungarees or overalls, and even leggings (as we call them: jeggings)! And speaking of pants, trousers, or jeans, or whatever you call it, there are a lot of types: bell bottoms, boot cut, skinny, boyfriend, high-waist, low-waist, and so on. You can pair them with any type of clothing and pattern, seems nothing can go wrong with it. Oh, not to mention those denim wash techniques! Like bleaching, or getting it dirty with mud, and I happen to heard about washing denim with sand and sea water *gosh*. Denim is such a versatile fabric, and should be anyone’s must-have fashion item, regardless their age or gender.

I have a few denim wardrobe of my own, though they’re not much. I own a slim jacket, a parka, overalls, a long-sleeved shirt, and four denim trousers. No, you can never have enough denim wardrobes in your closet. You’re going to need them for your daily wear, dare to mix and match, and be different! One place that you can search for the coolest denim is Zalora Levi’scollection with various selections of jeans, jacket, and so on. It’s time you strut your denim with style J

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