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Hi everyone!

I just had my birthday 10 days ago, so yeah, happy birthday to me. I have finally reached the point where I’m legal enough to consume alcohol. But since I don’t drink alcohol why would I even bother to live?


I sort of kept my birthday a secret to anyone that don’t bother to memorize my birth date, but my friend kind of blew it anyway to the rest of my study group and most of my friends said happy birthday. It’s just that I’m getting older that I feel like I grew out the concept of “hey guys today is my birthday please say happy birthday to me” and things like that. Not that I don’t appreciate gifts though. This year I got a big Toblerone Cheesecake for my birthday cake and a whole lot of birthday wishes from friends and even acquaintances from fellows (click here to follow my!). So thank you!

This semester somewhat wore me out, even though I’ve just finished my midterm tests. I don’t know if it’s because the fact that I only got a whole week to finish all seven tests from the seven classes I took or my lecturers were just too crazy. My graphic design midterm test was crazy enough – I only had 4 hours of sleep working on a company profile + presentation slides, arrived on campus 7.30 for my 8 o’clock test, and presented my so-called company profile on 17.00 in a blackout using a laptop. And I’m still managing social media accounts for two big events, Comm Art Fest and Pekan Komunikasi. Comm Art Fest is the annual art event where there will be an art exhibition, musical performance, and guest stars like Naif and Kunto Aji (follow the twitter account here and Instagram here). CommA rt Fest will be held soon on November 16th at Rolling Stones Café, Kemang, so buy tickets (only for Rp60.000,-)! Meanwhile, Pekan Komunikasi is the annual academic event where there will be workshops and seminars representing Komunikasi UI’s minor studies (advertising, broadcasting, PR, media studies, and journalism) for one whole week (follow the twitter account here and facebook here), and the event will be held next year.

I really hope that I get to write more often, maybe more about fashion and book reviews (yes I've been splurging a lot on books), so please stay tuned! J

Top & Dress - LO by Lovita Hilman | Bag - Chanel | Heels - New Look

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  1. Happy belated birthday dear!