Short Hair Obsession

I can’t get enough of this.


I liked my long hair – I can make a ponytail, make braids, make buns, and all sorts of stuffs with it. But with the unsettling – and mostly hot – weather of Indonesia makes it hard to keep my long hair healthy. Hot weather made me have to tie up my hair to a ponytail or bun mostly every day and apparently it’s not really good for the hair. My hair tends to get dry, split-ends, and fall to the ground. It’s somewhat depressing to see.

Last March I decided to cut my hair a bit above shoulder. It was weird at first but somehow the feeling of having less weight to the hair feels so liberating (yes I definitely just used the word ‘liberating’!). Having a short hair kinda means I don’t have to tie up my hair when it’s hot outside, I don’t have to wash my hair so often because when it gets greasy it won’t really show, I don’t have to worry about my hair falling down so easily, I can have it messy or sleek, and it looks better with hair bandeau. People have been telling me I look better with short hair, or it’s probably because I look more like a kid and less like a college student.

About two weeks ago I had two weekdays off and I decided to cut my hair even shorter. I didn’t know what possessed me to do it, and when I told the hairdresser I wanted to go shorter I was half-unsure of myself. When my hair was already short and still wet after the hair wash I thought ‘God did I make a mistake, will my mom even still claim me as her daughter’ (I didn’t told my mom about this, and I know there are moms out there who are somewhat mad if their daughter had long hair before and decided to cut really short). But after the hairdresser dried my hair it looked weirdly good. My mom didn’t complain at all (THANK GOD), and most of my friends loved it. I looked even more like a Japanese school girl more than ever. I don’t know whether I should be happy or something >.<

Short hair suits many people anyway but the main important thing is to be confident about their hair. J

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