Some of my favorite pieces from Billy Tjong for Zalora

Somehow, people like to give meaning to things, Even the little things like numbers. I always feel like 3 is my lucky number, while 4 gives me bad luck. My favorite date will always be 16. Paris Hilton likes to make a wish on 11.11, and I used to think about a certain person when the clock strikes 12.12. And speaking about dates, it has been a trend since a few years back to make memorable moments in certain dates. Example: a couple of my friends got romantically involved and made their relationship official on 10-11-2012, really special new years on 1-1-2001, giving birth on 7-7-2007, and so on. I don’t really get why people like to do this. It’s only something to sugarcoat the birth certificate or Instagram post caption celebrating anniversary. No matter what the date, what counts is the moment to cherish. 

But 12.12 this year is something different. 

On the last month of 2014, today Zalora is holding 'Hari Belanja Online Nasional' and their items are up for sale up 'til 84%! This applies to the latest collection of Zalora, collaborating with the infamous Indonesian designer: Billy Tjong for Zalora. Other brands up for the big discount are Mango, River Island, Vans, and Nike. It's all on Zalora 12.12 sale. 

No matter what the date, at least you can make memorable moments and feel great after shopping :p

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