The Perfect Weather for a Sweater

'Cause it's too cold
For you and me now
So let me hold
Both of your hands

In the holes of my sweater

(The Neighborhood - Sweater Weather)

Global warming has made Indonesians uncertain about the weather, but I'm pretty sure we have entered the rainy season. Some days would be really hot, some days the rain would pour really hard. Some days I regret wearing sweaters when I didn't know the day would be hot, but I also regret wearing t-shirts when I didn't know the day would rain. But nonetheless, it is the time for sweaters.

Sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing. I don't know why, it sort of a fetish. It's hard for me to resist to not buy one. The warm, fuzzy feeling when I wear one, and it'd still look good on anything. Put in a necklace, wear a skirt beneath it, anything. It's hardly a fashion faux-pas.

A few days ago someone asked me on my If you had to pick a line of a lyric to be printed on a sweater, what would it be?

It was hard to pick a song and put down a line, and I had to make more than one illustrations:

  1. "Smoother than the storm" (Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat)
  2. "Mosaic broken hearts" (Taylor Swift - State of Grace)
  3. "She's in fashion" (Suede - She's in Fashion)
  4. "1855-1901" (Phoenix - 1901)

I like my sweaters simple, with not a lot of words. Too much letters would kill a nice sweater, if you ask me. Like I love the quote "you can't sit with us" from Mean Girls but I wouldn't put it in a t-shirt or sweater. I'd die for a "geek" sweater though... I think it's cool.

What's your favorite type of sweater? Which line of quote or lyric would you put in your dream sweater? Drop in on the comment section! :)

BONUS: Suede - She's in Fashion (music video)


  1. May I know what app did you use to draw those sweaters? :)

    1. Hi! I used S Note, through my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone :)