When the world was swirling around the news of how many teenagers got bullied through this ask-and-answer based social media called, something positive turned up when a couple of Indonesian users teamed up and held a charity event.

The idea came from two users, Sahid (@supersakid) and Satriya (@jerbat), to raise funds for kids who don’t have access to a proper education system by using the force of users. Other friends of users and I joined in, and in a month or so, happened. The charity event took place at Never Been Better, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan last Saturday, February 22nd. We opened up a garage sale, tarot reading booth, sketch booth, #EnglishHour (to ask questions regarding in English studies), and talk shows to discuss stuffs from hobby, school life, lifestyle, and even love life with a few users who were experienced at such topic. The stuffs that we gathered to be sold at the garage sale varied from shirts to shoes, books to make-up, posters to postcards, etc. that came from users in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, even from Indonesian users residing in Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. Until the day of the event we promoted this charity event through, using the logo on our profile pictures, constantly giving out digital posters, provide answers to those asking about the event and whether the favorite users would be present at the event or not, and of course through @charityfm account itself.

When the day came, we did expect that a lot of people would be coming, but we didn’t expect to have over 800 to 1000 people coming to the little restaurant we booked. The event was to start at 10 AM, but the place was full of people trying to buy stuffs from the garage sale from 9.30 AM. I wasn’t even on shift duty until 2 PM but things got pretty out of hand so I had to jump in and help with their purchases. Mainly they searched for the dolls that Dori (@dorippu) brought in from Japan (she has a very large number of followers on so when she posted the stuffs she was going to sell, the word spread really fast). A mom came to the garage sale asking specifically for Dori’s dolls. By 10 AM I already got exhausted (and to remember the event just started…), asked to be switched, and moved to the first floor. Upstairs was a bit quieter than downstairs full of people trying to buy stuffs. The first floor was the tarot reading booth and #EnglishHour. The sketch booth started in the afternoon, but it wasn’t really planned, but Adhi (@adhimyrp) just came and brought his equipment and voila. He even got to drew me, which was exciting.

Sketched by Adhi (@adhimyrp)

A poster by Zefan (@zefatron)

Kent in #EnglishHour

Fun Talkshow

I met old friends, the ones I knew from elementary school to high school, and even made new friends. Heck, when I jumped in this wagon I didn’t really know anybody except two of my high school friends, and I only followed some of the users that also joined but knew others because they like to appear on my home feed but that’s sort of it. But when I met them, they were really friendly and kind. All of them were. I was really shy but they were nice to me and made up conversations and such. Not to mention the other users that also came to and helped out with the garage sale. There were a lot of people wanted to take pictures with the famous users like Reza Pahlevi (@rezaphlv) or Mira Agile (@miraagile), I only had two people came up and asked to take a picture with me but from the questions I’m getting on my inbox a lot took my pictures from afar ._. LOL.

With @kevinakevini, @spacecravvt, @waskithash, @gratisnanya, @vinatri

With  Kent @nyankent

With Nidya (@nidyafebriani)

Photobomb by Dival (@dvlbrd)

With @kevinakevini, @dvlbrd, @vinatri, @gilanghrlmbng, @wafibtf

With Nanas (@nadynatasha)

With Pandhu (@waskithash)

It was really tiring, but at the end of the day we managed to raise a lot of money to be donated to Yayasan Sahabat Anak. The charity event was a success, and I must say it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my history of using social media. I never thought social media would bring me lots of new friends and actually do something for a good cause, remembering that a year ago I didn’t even know 90% of the people behind Now I’m just hoping that there will be another charity event that I could be a part of again, with other users.

It was a beautiful day indeed. 

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