Taken Over By Felines - The Cat Cabin

I've never been a pet person. Though if I had to pick between a cat person or a dog person, I might as well be a cat person. Quiet, sleep a lot, sharp-eye, cute, little, quick on its feet, haha I don't know that much. But I like seeing cats. The internet is filled with cats trying to cause cute-aggression on us. And on Valentine's day, the cute cats had came to Jakarta in a place called The Cat Cabin.

The place is at Kemang's main street, right across Takigawa Restaurant. It's on the 2nd floor of a little building. The place itself is small, and only limited people in a limited time can go in. I was lucky enough to place reservation a few days before, because apparently the place was fully booked the whole day. It was quiet, because most of the cats were sleeping so we couldn't make a lot of noise.

Food-wise, they only sell rice bowls and desserts like jar cake. I went for the butterscotch jar cake, and it was pretty delicious. They also have these Tokyo Banana jar cakes or something so if you're hype for Tokyo Banana you might as well try it. For drinks, they sell teas. But they have this free flow of lemon-infused water. For a cute little cat cafe, I guess it's okay to have a cup of tea and a jar cake.

All the cat decors

Of course, the main attraction was the cats. Some were sleeping, some were actively playing with guests. So when you come to the cafe, you'll be given a book of rules and the names of the cat. Like you can't use camera flash when you take photos of the cat, wash your hands before you touch the cats, ask the cabin crew for help if you want to hold the cat, things like that. For the cats, there were local cats, Persian cats, Korean local cats, and a mix between local and Persian. Some were given away by previous owners or taken from an animal shelter. You can also adopt some of the cats, I didn't know which one.

My favorite cat was Nona. I read from the book that she was taken from an animal shelter, and the previous owner didn't take care of her very well. When my friend and I stroked her fur we found a scar on her left body, and one of her ear looked like it was bitten. But I saw her as this beautiful and calm creature. She was pretty quiet, didn't move much from her basket, and looked to us with her cute face.

Nona, the quiet cat

Batman, the mischievous one

The twins were playing and bathing together

Looking out to the window

A little tip if you ever visit The Cat Cabin:

  • Place reservation a few days before when planning to go there. It gets crowded in weekends, might as well try to go there on weekdays.
  • The cats usually sleep in the afternoon. You might want to go there in the morning or evening where most of the cats are active.
  • You might want to bring your own hand sanitizer so you can easily clean your hands when you want to pet your cat or eat your meal.
  • You can't feed the cats with our food. The Cat Cabin sells rice bowls with salmon or other meat and some cats may go up to your table and want some. So I advise you to have lunch or dinner somewhere else so cats won't get to steal your food. Have a jar cake instead.

For more information, you should visit their full-of-cats instagram: http//instagram.com/thecatcabinjakarta

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