The Active, Creative, Dynamic Youth

Dress: Farr.apprl | Plaid shirt: Forever21 | Heels + bag: New Look

Living in the digital era means easier way to share the world from little to our thoughts to something big like our creation of work. Digital media is free for everyone to use and share anything we want to. It opens more opportunity to meet new people, showcase what we can do best, collaborate with others, and maybe do something big together. We, as the youth of the digital era, became more active and pushed ourselves to be more creative in what we do.

The youth of the digital era is named Generation C (connected, creative, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, always clicking, and creating change – I know, that’s a lot of C’s). We are a part of a generation that is so connected to other people in the world more than ever before that can inspire others in just a click. Most of us already settle with our passion. We’d want to make a living through that passion, inspire others through that passion. We are engaged in our own community who shares the same passion as we do. And with the digital media, it’s easier for us to showcase our passion in a creative way.

I, for one, am passionate about many things. I like to write. I like to share my life experiences through writing. I like melancholic music and writings.  I like to explore my style in fashion. I like the thought of sharing anything I like through social media. That’s why I blog and engage in other forms of social medias. I got writing jobs because of my blog and sometimes endorsements from brands. I’ve also been helping out at Belajar Bareng, brought up by my friends from the community as a platform for younger people to learn about things they don’t get at school.

Because I have so many things to do, I surely need to manage my time well and also keep myself fit and full of energy to do all the things I like. Other than eating right and exercising, there’s this energy drink in a tea product called Hemaviton Tea Blazt. I know, energy drink + tea? Awesome idea. It consists of three main elements: black tea extract, vitamin C, and gingseng. Black tea is a common Asian drink, and like most teas it can reduce stress and act as an antioxidant. Add vitamin C to boost your immune system and gingseng to build your stamina. There you have your energy tea drink to keep your body fit and energized for your everyday activity.

So I hope people can maximize their full potential and get creative in what they do best because the possibility of getting the opportunity to showcase it is endless.

PS: Hemaviton Tea Blazt is having this Blazt Your Day lip-sync video competition to get your creative caps on, express yourself through your song choice, and have fun. You can post it on Instagram or YouTube (15-60s video) along with the hashtag #BlaztYourDay and paste the link to . The most original, creative, and expressive video will get a chance to win and choose prizes from gadgets to even cash money. Contest ends May 20th so get to it now!

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