Great, You Have Graduated. Now What?

Is it the right time to say sayonara to education life?

I finally found the time to write another blog post. I took a really long hiatus though, because I was dwelling with my final project proposal. So in order to graduate from communications studies major in Universitas Indonesia, I didn’t have to write a thesis. I also had a choice to make a project proposal or fill up all the credits by taking more classes. Feeling like I had to challenge myself, I chose to make a project. Well that wasn’t a really great choice, because it was the hardest thing I did throughout college. I made a social marketing plan for breast cancer awareness. At first I lacked data, and it made a huge setback until my sister told me she knew someone from a foundation that’s all about raising awareness on breast cancer. Not to mention having to brainstorm ideas to make a great awareness campaign and making the creative executions left me having sleepless nights. But I kept pushing myself so hard to finish it, because I don’t want to waste another semester just for this.

I made the deadline and all I had to do was to wait for my presentation date. After many complications, the date I got was January 6th. So before that date I had to finish the presentation and perfect my marketing plan. I managed to get 95% done at the 4th, and the next morning I woke up really early to work on it. Then I got a call from campus asking me where the hell I am, because it turned out my presentation date was moved forward to the 5th. I didn’t even get any heads up. Gee. Thanks. Not. I totally broke down, and they said they’d wait another half hour for me to come. So I rushed to shower, put on minimal make-up, grabbed the easiest formal wear, moved every file to a flash drive, and got myself a GO-JEK ride. I literally cried on the ride to campus because I wasn’t ready for it. I scanned quickly on my presentation through my phone and practiced. When I arrived, I ran in my heels to the building and did my presentation. With so, I passed. I officially acquired my bachelor degree.

Working my way up to graduation was really tough, but I really proved to myself yet again that I’m able to anything as long as I fight for it.

So what’s next, really?

Along the way to the graduation ceremony, many of my friends ask themselves what they should do now. Some didn’t really want to think about it first and just try to have fun before entering the workforce. Others, and some are still, searching for jobs by looking at the job fair.
Taken by my friend Saskia. Rain washed away my great hairdo :(
So this was me, on my graduation day. I started working the next Monday, in the digital department of a multinational advertising agency. So as for me, I kinda wished I didn’t rush into entering the workforce but unfortunately my mom isn’t giving me monthly allowance anymore. I didn’t want to be in a corporate company, because it felt like it didn’t suit me. So I ended up in an advertising agency, making editorial plans in social media platforms for brands. It’s a job that I like and do best. So I’m pretty comfortable with my decision.

Some people might question about the decision I made to take an underpaid job and working late all the time. Stories from my friends about the salary and benefits that management trainees get also made me envy. But I thought to myself as long as I’m happy and enjoying my work, I’m not exactly missing anything.

Advice from me, really ask yourself what you want to do in your life, believe and stick to it. Don’t let anyone interfere with your choices, because regret comes later.

Selfie bonus. Did my own make-up for graduation!
Lashes - Kay Collection | Eye shadow: Sephora | BB cushion: Innisfree | Lips: NYX SMLC
After the job, what’s next? I’m going to save up some of my salary so I can go travel. Going to places I’ve never been, see the world with my own eyes. When I feel like I’ve seen the world, I might take up postgraduate course abroad (so it’s not really sayonara to education life, more like “see you later!”). That’s the goal before turning 30.

Wish me luck!

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